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Wetsuits are rented by the day at $5.00 a day with a 7 day minimum rental period. Suits can either be picked up and returned at our Falls Church, Va location or shipped anywhere in the continental United States. If you choose to have the suit shipped to you rather than picking it up in our store we will add an additional $15.00 to your order to cover the cost of shipping both ways. Our suits are shipped out in a reusable box with a return prepaid shipping label. We ship the suit early so that you receive it on or prior to your reservation start date. You do not pay for the time it takes the suit to get to you. After your use, you ship it back, you pay for the rental time from your reservation date, until the day we receive it back. - Rinse off the suit prior to returning it to us. Please process each reservation separately - DO NOT combine multiple rental reservations in one basket.

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Please select the date below you would like to receive or pick up the suit by clicking on the date. Please keep in mind that if we will be shipping the suit to you the date you pick should be on or after 10/27/2017 to ensure the suit reaches you on time. Should you pick a date on or before 10/26/2017 we will do our best to get the suit to you on time but if the suit does not arrive by that date you will still be charged the full rental amount starting with the date you picked. If you intend to pick up the suit from our Falls Church, Va store please be aware we are closed every Sunday and Monday. If you select a Sunday or Monday you will not be able to pick up the suit until Tuesday of that week but your rental period will start on the day you select.

Please Note: The date you are picking below should not be the day of your race.
Carefully read the text above for a complete explanation.

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Size Information
Please answer the sizing questions below. We will use this information to determine the proper size suit to rent you. *** If you are renting a bike case please fill in 10' 10" for height and 900 pounds for weight. ***
Height: ft in
Weight: lbs

Suit Style
Suits are available in either sleeveless or full (with sleeves) styles. Generally speaking style is a matter of personal preference. Full sleeve suits offer more warmth and slightly more buoyancy while sleeveless styles tend to feel less restrictive. Depending on the date you selected above only full or only sleeveless styles may still be available for that date. If that is the case the suit style dropdown will present the only available option. *** It does not matter which style you pick if you are renting a bike case. ***

Shipping Method: *** Bike cases will not be shipped. ***
Rental Terms
Please read the rental terms below. You may only rent if you agree to these terms. If you agree please check the "I agree" checkbox under the terms.

I Agree

Rinse all of the sand, salt, mud and any greasy substances off the suit before you return it to us, we ship the suit to you clean and dry, we expect it back in the same condition.

The rental rate we charge for the wetsuits helps to offset our cost to purchase the rental suits, set up the reservation system, the time it takes the staff to enter the reservations, administer the rentals, repair, clean, distribute, exchange, and accept return suits. Once we take the time to set up your reservation with your date and size our cost is already expended, therefore no refunds will be processed. It actually costs us more to cancel a reservation then if you don't use it. However if you insist that we cancel, for an additional $25.00 administrative fee we will take the extra time to cancel your reservation and remove your name from our database, but then because the reservation was canceled you would not have the ability to use the $25.00 rental credit towards the purchase of a new suit. - If for any reason you don't pick up your rental you don't lose the rental credit, you may apply up to $25.00 of the rental toward the purchase of any new suit.